hello family! It's Kay!

I want to share all the new guidelines that I put in place to make sure you and I are safe during these uncertain times we are facing together. I have made a few changes just to make the necessary steps to ensure the safety of you all. Let's continue to take all precautions to keep each other safe.

Firstly, if you are unwell, have returned from travel outside of your state or the country, or have come in contact with someone with the virus, and you did not quarantine for 14 days, PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR A LATER DATE! If you have anymore questions about COVID-19 please contact the CDC at

  1. During every session, hand sanitizer and or alcohol wipes will be available for every client.
  2. Please wear a mask when necessary. Any close contact will require you to wear your mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  3. Your photographer has taken the steps to get tested monthly to ensure the safety of you and her both.
  4. There will be minimal contact between you and your photographer. CDC guidelines require 6 feet apart.
  5. We accept payment through Cash App and PayPal (3% fee). We are now accepting cash payment as an option again.
  6. Payment is required 1 week before your session. This ensures that both the client and the photographer’s time is being valued. NOTE: If your payment is not received 1 week before your initial session, your appointment will be canceled and your slot will be refilled. You will be notified via email informing you about your cancellation.
  7. Please be on time and make sure that you are doing your part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Remember that others around you have families and loved ones that they want to see alive and well. I care about your safety, so please care about mine as well.

Communities work better when we all cooperate and come together as a whole to make sure we are all safe and valued. If you need to reschedule, feel free to contact us and we will accommodate the change.

My vision is to bring your vision to life one shot at a time. I care about your safety so please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns

Stay encouraged, and stay blessed. God Bless you and I look forward to shooting your session.

-Kay Ledwell