Boudoir is an empowering form of photography for everyday women. It is a chance for them to get a new perception or perspective of themselves.

Boudoir photography is NOT a genre; boudoir photography is a personal experience that should be handled with care and patience. It is life changing and challenging but well worth it in the end because creating art is a process.


Let's break the ice here...boudoir sessions are for everyone, and when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! There is a misconception that we have in our society that you have to look a certain way to be deemed as beautiful, and I'm here to tell you that the social standard for perfection is a lie! I have dealt with body image and self esteem issues all of my life, but it wasn't until I started owning my unique beauty and running with it. It took some ground work and self affirmations to see the beauty I possessed. Your ground work starts with loving yourself for who you are FIRST, then acknowledging that you are a beautiful piece of art made by God Himself. As your boudoir photographer, it is my job to coach you and guide you during your self love journey behind the lens. Together, we will come together to bring your vision to life.


Keep in mind that you are your session. You are your own kind of beauty, so you make this session all about you. A lot of times people think boudoir is all about being nude or in lingerie, but NO, you can wear whatever you feel beautiful in. You have your favorite sleepwear that makes you feel extra beautiful? Wear it! Feel sexy in your husband's t-shirt with his cologne? Rock that! That hoodie that you took from your boyfriend last week? We can build magic with this look.

reveal your inner beauty, sexy, and essence. whatever you see yourself as, remember It's all about you sis.

The Vivid Boudoir Experience will capture your beauty in the most authentic form. So my question is...what are you waiting on?